*"Distributor Limited Trade Paperbacks" or "Diamond Limited Trade Paperbacks"
Last updated: 6/27/2020
(Version 5.00)

Capital City Limited Edition Trade Paperbacks

Spawm Capital City Collection
Spawn Capital Collection

Diamond Limited Edition Trade Paperbacks
Batman: Blind Justice Limited TPB (DLTPB)
Batman: Blind Justice TPB
Cyberrad TPB
Cyberrad TPB
Dracula TPB
Robocop vs Terminator
Robocop vs. Terminator TPB
Parts Unknown (Knight Press)
Parts Unknown TPB

Spider-Man "Torment" TPB

Terminator Endgame TPB
Terminator Hunters and Killers TPB

Unity Volume1 Limited TPB
Unity Book 1 TPB
Unity Book 2  Limited
Unity Book 2 TPB
Vampirella Morning in America Limited TPB
Vampirella: Morning in America TPB
Youngblood limited TPB
Youngblood TPB
Diamond Limited Edition Hardcover
Spawm Capital City Collection
John Byrne's 2112 HC


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(Superman) Man of Steel Raffle Edition
Man of Steel "Raffle" Edition

(Superman) Man of Steel "Raffle Edition" Letter
"Raffle Edition" Letter
(This letter comes with the trade paperback.)


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