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Sage/Sagédition is a Fench publisher that reprinted select Atlas/Seaboard comic book content as well as publishing other printed publications.
This is a collection of scans of Atlas/Seaboard content reprinted in the French language by
This page is not displaying other products produced by Sage/Sagédition. It is only intended to display Atlas/Seaboard reprinted content.
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Sage/Sagédition (French) Cover Gallery
Scorpion Trimestriel 1
Scorpion Trimestriel 1
(1976, 1982)
Scorpion Trimestriel 2
Scorpion Trimestriel 2
(October-December 1976, 1982)
Scorpion Trimestriel 3
Scorpion Trimestriel 3
(circa 1977, 1982)

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